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Titiksha Samanta
Saachi Chakraborty
Saanvi Jena
Adrika Mishra

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Foodie Food

Are you a foodie? I am! Comment your answer in the comment box.   Adorable Hamburger   Cute Apple Sweet Chocolate Sweet And Sour Mango   Crispy Chicken Nuggets Choco Smoothie Green Pear Crunchy Chips Delicious French Fries Creamy Ice-cream

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Dork Diaries

Are you a Dork Diaries fan? I am… so I decided to create this DTW page… Stay tuned for more updates!!! This is Nikki Maxwell… one of my favourite characters from this book series… Don’t forget to comment!

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Isabelle from Animal Crossing, by Saachi

Hiya all! Saachi here Today I made this super cute Shih Tzu who is off to her school holding an apple. 🙂 I had lots of fun drawing her… The medias  I used to draw her are pencils and watercolor. And of course I used my new sketchbook     Here are some facts about Isabelle […]

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Catch-up with Saachi

Honey bee girl. Bees are always swarming near her Miss Pinky. She’s not that pink though… Strawberry Milku. She likes strawberry, like, a lot! And I just added that extra “u” in milk to make her more Japanese UniSmile. Her smile shines up the whole universe… Kawaii things. Kawaii things to make you happy   […]

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Saachi’s New Sketchbook

totoro drawing, I saw this one from Pinterest my sketchbook, I stuck a little kitty sticker in the middle.. it looks so cute junkables, featuring KitKat, melon juice and spicy ramen   I recently bought this new sketchbook, it is really nice and the paper is really thick! the sketchbook is from menorah. I made […]

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Saachi’s YouTube channel

Hi, Saachi here. I have a YouTube channel and I am happy to share with all of you! I have to admit I am a small YouTuber (I have 20-something subscribers), and my goal was 100 till 2022. Maybe it’s still possible! Maybe YOU can help me reach 100 subscribers! So please do like, subscribe, comment […]

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