Isabelle from Animal Crossing, by Saachi

Hiya all!

Saachi here

Today I made this super cute Shih Tzu who is off to her school holding an apple. ūüôā

I had lots of fun drawing her… The medias¬† I used to draw her are pencils and watercolor. And of course I used my new sketchbook¬†¬†


Here are some facts about Isabelle

Isabelle, known as¬†Shizue¬†(„Āó„Āö„Āą)¬†in Japan, is a fictional character from the¬†Animal Crossing¬†series of video games. She is a kindly¬†Shih Tzu¬†that debuted in the 2012 release¬†Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where she serves as the secretary to the player character. Isabelle has received positive reception, to the point of becoming one of the most prominent characters in the¬†Animal Crossing¬†franchise and its¬†de facto¬†mascot. Her popularity has also led to appearances outside of the¬†Animal Crossing¬†series, including a playable role in the crossover fighting game¬†Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Saachi’s New Sketchbook

totoro drawing, I saw this one from Pinterest

my sketchbook, I stuck a little kitty sticker in the middle.. it looks so cute

junkables, featuring KitKat, melon juice and spicy ramen


I recently bought this new sketchbook, it is really nice and the paper is really thick!

the sketchbook is from menorah.

I made a video based on this sketchbook

I have a YouTube channel. You may have read about it in our last post.. pls like and subscribe


that’s it for this post, bye!

Saachi’s YouTube channel

Hi, Saachi here.

I have a YouTube channel and I am happy to share with all of you! I have to admit I am a small YouTuber (I have 20-something subscribers), and my goal was 100 till 2022.
Maybe it’s still possible!

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