Doodles from the past

During the early Lockdown days (Apr-Jun 2020), I started doodling more regularly. I got inspired by Doodlers around the world. Got my parents to buy me some doodle books.

Once, I even got excited to take up 30 days Doodle challenge. Here is a potpourri of those.

This one is a glass jar turned into a Doodle pen holder

One of my first floral art

She’s a gymnast


What’s in your bag? Part of 30 day doodle challenge

Cat, Avacado, Neck Pillow and other stickers

Cute “Pink Rules” Stickers

The Cat-nought or the cat in the shape of a doughnut is hidden somewhere in these doodles. Also the cupcake is hidden in one of these doodles.
The Pig and the Ice-cream sticking out its nose is also HIDDEN in a doodle page, which BTW we all four doodlers have drawn.

This doodle collection is called Pink Rules. Cuz every thing is Pink here.
The Coffee and the Soda are also familiar with you guys.
Bear-gur, wave and flora are the new ones.